About Green Feathers

Green Feathers is the story of a people who had lived successfully for thousands of years and then, in a relatively short time, found themselves having to live an entirely different way, not by choice, but to survive.

It is a story of struggle, adapting, and finding ways to stay alive spiritually and physically. Logging was the only work where they received equal pay. They were quick to excel and that did not go unnoticed.

logpond sepia
Starting with the mid-1800′s, we will travel through the years when Native Americans worked in the forests, lived on the reservations, and then to the role they play in the logging industry today.

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With so much of this story being oral, it must be recorded and preserved before more of the storytellers are gone. Sharing their story is both an opportunity and a profound responsibility.

Logging may not have been the path of choice, but it is the path many followed that enabled them to provide for their families, and is a source of pride.

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Green Feathers is a sponsored project of Portland, Oregon’s nonprofit Hollywood Theatre.
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